Saturday, March 3, 2012

#9 Using the Devices

It is important to tie the technology to the objective to give students choice especially during projects. With almost every project we do in language arts/social studies each six weeks, there is some point they are using technology. In addition, students need to be aware that they are accountable for their learning even when using technology. They are either taking notes, answering questions or working on products. I have also tried to stress to my students that the computers/iTouches are just a tool and that they still need to think about the information they are learning.

Most of the links to interactive websites focused on Math and Science but I liked the Thinkfinity site and StudyLadder. There were some interesting lessons on the Thnkfinity site for our study of inventions. I would probably make a question sheet for the students answer as they work through the simulation or write a journal entry about what the learned, etc. The map games on StudyLadder could be used as a test review.

We used the app in our classroom a lot. I also like the Brain Pop, Cultures, and Goggle Earth. We have 23 iTouches in our classroom for the PTL grant so we would rotate the devices around the room. Usually we do half & half (16/16).

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