Saturday, March 3, 2012

#6 Web Tools

 I already use Google Docs in the classroom. The comments feature is great when we edit writing assignments and the students love it when peer editing. I have used the Today's Meet at a teacher in service this fall and I might use it in class. I activated a Diigo account and a wallwisher account.

 I saved one of the articles we are going to use for our economics unit in Diigo and I am going to have some questions for the students to comment on as they read. I also started a Wallwisher account (Mrs. Kenny's Wall) to get some feedback from the students as they read their novels for this unit. I wish I had done this while we were reading the Hunger Games.

This will be great for those students that tend to shy away from participating in discussion in class. They are able to share their ideas and opinion in a non-threatening environment. 

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