Saturday, March 3, 2012

#10 Digital Citizenship

The three things I would like to stress to my students about digital citizenship:

a.) acceptable use of intellectual property.We have been working on citing sources and taking notes properly.
b.)evaluating websites & effective searches. Earlier in the year I gave my students a note sheet on the information by Alan November. As we have gone along this year, I have continued to have them refer to their note sheet to help with research.
c.) safety & security.

I will use the Brain Pop videos to help reinforce the proper use of technology. At the beginning to the year, I plan to spend a week on the basics of digital literacy. When we do our first major research project in October, I will spend several weeks modeling proper research skills including evaluating websites and citing sources. We use our web page as the main way to communicate with parents and I will post the notes from our class discussions.

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